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Unleash the artist within YOU!! Reflections 2022 is back!

Reflections is the National PTA arts program that asks children to get creative!  Students of all Grades and abilities are invited to create works of art in any of the six different art categories, reflecting upon this year’s theme. The six art categories are dance choreography, film production, literature, music compositions, photography and visual arts. Students can create as many projects as they like, in as many art categories as they like. Projects can only be submitted at the school level. Students must complete their projects outside of school.

This year’s theme is “Show Your Voice”
The deadline to turn in projects along with the filled in Entry form is 10/26/22. Please submit all your projects to the School front office.

You can find more general information about Reflections at


Take a look at our own winners from previous years


The following are links to the student entry form and guidelines

Student Entry Form

General Guidelines

  For any additional queries please Email Sandy Rhee or Yamuna Palasamudram at


Reflections Workshops: This year we will be conducting 2 workshops during recess on September 30th and October 7th to introduce the theme to the kids and give them a brainstorming sheet where they can think about what they want to create or write about. We are looking for parent volunteers to help, if you are interested to help please reach out to the school or


PRO TIP - The artist statement is very important- make sure your son or daughter writes in their own words to explain how the project they created connects to the theme (Show Your Voice).